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LAMESA started in 1987 at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania by Luis Medina. In the beginning we bought Peruvian handcrafted clothing, but in 1996 LAMESA starting selling clothing made in row, uncertified organic cotton. After two years of working with several Peruvian companies that did not want to change designs to follow US fashion trends, we decided to start manufacturing our own line. I managed the United States operations and my brother managed the operation in Peru. We hired several talented designers from Peru including my sister-in-law. After two years of designing school, she has become an instrumental part in shaping the fashion trends of LAMESA and helping my ideas come true. Today we are located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. LAMESA has grown to change with the times while still meeting the needs of our customers by offering stylish fashion.


LaMesa Store FrontLaMesa Store Front